Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Nature of Sound
This is the painting I just finished for a friend of mine. He suggested that I paint a work for him whilst listening to Sigur' Ros. This Band has a very expirimental sound, rittled with bits of contrasting tones. Calm and Chaotic. There is an overall theme pervaiding the tracks that ebb and flow like the ocean. Rough then calm. As my friend is a musician I felt that the painting should carry a message about music as an expressive medium. In essence this painting deals with the emotional and spiritual impact that music creation/ listening can contain. Green represents refreshing (new growth), and the blue represents, in this painting, the motion of water flow (also the sense of the flow of the Holy Spirit.) As the musician releases sound from his/her soul, a swirling whirling wave is set loose, crashing on it's listener. So a marriage forms between the nature of the music I was listening to and the content of this image; in a uniform direction towards the washing of sound like a move of the heart.

Friday, February 03, 2006

There is a multiplicity to every person. The Christian Life is a Triune existance. Spirit / Flesh / Soul. Mind / Body / Heart. This print describes how inside of our outward appearence there is a person that can only be seen through a view of people as vessels either looking to be poured into or ready to pour out. Sometimes the people that are Biggest & Larger than Life on the outside are scrawny on the inside and in need. On the same token, some of the meekest / least noticed people are powerhouses on the inside.
The Studio
A bit of a self portrait. This print visually describes the creative environment I was in at the time. There is a certain kinetic and chaotic quality to hammering out a piece of art. This is just a sketch...
Born Into the Light
This might be seen as a view of a "Born Again" experience. Amidst the life you are currently living, you find that a new life is dropped inside you. A life of light, hope, and potential deposited into the life you are already living.

Spiritual Warfare
Across the pages of our lives, a shot of truth penetrates our heart. This shot is a bullet not designed to kill, but to empower. The Holy Spirit reaches a heart that is searching, overcome begins to move. Orange is the color of warfare. Like a laser, amplified by obedience, the Spirit is RELEASED into the world. Our gaze to Heaven, our Warfare against the powers and principalities of THIS world is waged. Certainly the Lord, mighty in battle, will see this work completed.